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Concrete scraper

Paving width: 2 meters
Paving thickness: 3-30 cm

1. The machine is equipped with an 18 horsepower diesel water-cooled engine, which is powerful in ash removal.
2. Laser positioning automatic leveling, with small paving error.
3. The machine paving is completed in one go, and manual dust removal is no longer required.
4. The machine is set in four gears, with fast paving speed and high efficiency.
5. The machine is driven by hydraulic pressure, ensuring stable and accurate construction.
6. The machine has wide and narrow tires to meet all construction needs.
Parameters of concrete scraper
Engine model Diesel water-cooled engine 18 horsepower
fuel Conventional light diesel, winter-10#
Hydraulic oil Winter 68 # Summer 46 # Hydraulic Oil
Paving width 2m
Paving thickness 3-30cm
Maximum ash removal amount 10cm
Leveling effect Flat, sloping
By height Wide tire 280mm/narrow tire 350mm
Drive Wheeled four-wheel drive
paving speed >=15m/min
Applicable concrete slump >=140 or above
Maximum driving speed 7.5km
voltage 12V
Hydraulic flow rate 50L
Number of gears Forward 3rd gear/Reverse 1st gear
Leveling principle Laser positioning
seat height 1160mm
wheelbase 1300mm
Requirements for steel mesh Steel bars above 10 #
Length X width X height mm 2800*2500*1600
weight 750kg