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Hand held polishing machine

Power (KW/hp): 4.0/5.5
Net weight (kg): 110

1. Aluminum gearbox ensures service life;
2. The gearbox is equipped with pure copper worm gears, imported bearings, and imported transmission systems;
3. The machine itself is heavy and has a good compaction and polishing effect;
4. Increase the clutch wheel, and the separation and separation cannot be connected;
5. The cross bearing can be oiled, rust free, disassembly free, and maintenance free;
Parameters of one meter gasoline polishing machine
model MG1.0M Patent - Honda MG1.0M Patent - Briggs&Stratton MG1.0M Patent - Domestic
Power configuration Honda GX160 Briggs&Stratton 163 Domestic gasoline engine
power(KW/hp) 4.0/5.5 3.7/5.0 4.0/5.5
Blade Speed(rpm) 70-150 70-150 70-150
working diameter(mm) 980 980 980
net weight(kg) 110 110 110