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Telescopic arm laser leveling machine

Paving method: Twisted Dragon Paving
Power: 35Kw/3000Rr/min

1. Multifunctional control handle, capable of achieving all control actions, easy to learn and operate
2. Japanese brand YANMAR diesel engine with turbocharging, strong power and low fuel consumption
3. Brand intelligent variable pump, which can accurately drive various execution actions, energy-saving, and high efficiency
4. Imported laser system with dual slope emission and remote control, with long and stable laser emission distance
5. Large screen intelligent touch screen display, powerful function, and convenient operation
6. Hydraulic support leg, one click automatic leveling
7. There are three crab shaped steering modes for walking, which are suitable for various working conditions such as narrow spaces
8. Intelligent instruments monitor the engine and hydraulic system in real-time 24/7, and provide timely alarms to eliminate faults
9. Intelligent control of the leveling mechanism's descent, which can achieve soft landing and ensure the accuracy of the leveling plane
10. The fully enclosed design of the paving hinge bearing ensures that the concrete does not penetrate and prevents the machine from falling off the chain during critical times
11. The body rotates 360 ° and is designed with a soft start and stop function to ensure the stability of the leveling machine head
12. The 360 degree telescopic arm is 6 meters long, and the rotating platform is fast. The 4 meter leveling machine head can rotate and swing, and 24 square meters of concrete can be leveled each time.
13. Driven by a newly designed eccentric vibration beam, with a 4.15 meter long scraper.
14. Specially crafted precision machined telescopic arm with high strength, stable and non shaking telescopic performance
15. High precision dynamic balance correction paving hinge with extremely low residual imbalance
16. The blades of the paving hinge are made of high wear-resistant alloy steel and covered with welded extremely wear-resistant high manganese material
17. Equipped with solid tires, puncture resistant, and long service life
18. Equipped with hydraulic driven high-pressure cleaning water pump, which can clean the body at any time
Main technical parameters of S-360 large telescopic arm laser leveling machine
engine Flat head
Engine model YANMAR, Japan types of Laser leveling
engine type Diesel engine, 4-stroke water-cooled, four cylinder width 3500mm
power 35Kw/3000Rr/min Paving method Twisted Dragon Paving
oil capacity 8L Stirring cage power Hydraulic motor
Fuel consumption rate 280g/KWh excitation force 3500N
walk Vibration frequency 65Hz
drive Hydraulic four-wheel drive Vibration angle ±45°
steering mode Front wheel/four wheel/crab shaped Leveling head leveling control proportional control
wheel solid tire Flat head height 500mm
Leg Four wheel self leveling Control accuracy ±1.5mm
Speed 0-5km/h operating mode
Working speed 20㎡/min Seat position Mid mounted
Laser control system Forward and backward Handle control, infinitely variable speed
control mode Computer laser scanning lose one's bearings Steering wheel, hydraulic
control effect Flat, sloping or double sloping Telescopic arm Handle control, infinitely variable speed
Cleaning system High power cleaning pump Dimension
Outlet water pressure 3Mpa Overall dimensions 5400*3700*2150mm
Fuel Capacity 120L weight 6000kg