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Two wheel laser leveling machine

Flat head width: 2.6m/3m
Vibration frequency: 4200 times/minute

1. Imported laser leveling system, automatically controlling elevation to ensure construction ground flatness
2. True independent suspension, with wheels and upper body not affecting each other, ensuring overall body balance during complex road conditions
3. Adopting fully electronic control, responsive, precise and stable control.
4. The gasoline generator is a power machine with a self-propelled design, simple and lightweight structure, saving fuel and reducing construction costs. 5. The control panel knob freely regulates the travel and working speed.
6. Hand held, dual control mode: equipped with automatic control mode and manual control mode, with flexible operation, and can be operated by a single person.
7. The dual wheel independent movement is flexible and convenient. Through the electric drive of the dual wheel walking system, the wheels can move independently without affecting the leveling head. The forward, backward, steering, and travel speed of the wheels are manually controlled, making movement very convenient.
8. Independent arrangement of laser emitters: large area overall paving, ensuring consistency in ground elevation, elevation not controlled by templates, without errors, large area block construction, can reduce construction joints, greatly reducing ground maintenance costs in the later stage
9. Integrated leveling head: composed of scraper, vibrator, vibrating plate and other components, integrating multiple processes such as leveling, leveling, paving, vibrating, etc., and completed by the machine in one go. Improve work efficiency and save labor.
10. A high-frequency vibrator with a frequency of 4000 times per minute and a leveling head vibrating plate for uniform high-frequency vibration make the concrete floor dense and avoid stress concentration caused by deformation and ground cracking. Can solve problems of ground hollowing, peeling, cracking, and inequality
11. The leveling head and the fuselage do not affect each other: it can maintain the horizontal surface of the construction under the dual transformation of the height fluctuation of the foundation and the inclination of the ground.
12. Laser measurement and control system automatically controls elevation: The design elevation of the top surface of the floor is automatically controlled by a laser machine computer, which can ensure very high ground flatness and achieve precise leveling directly on the concrete layer. The ground flatness is not affected by the vibration of the construction template, and there is no need to support the formwork in the middle, reducing manual material investment, reducing construction procedures, and accelerating construction progress.
13. Construction efficiency: The construction area is over 300 square meters per hour, and the workload can be completed between 2000 square meters and 3000 square meters per day, greatly improving the work efficiency.
14. Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to transport with a small truck.
Main technical parameters of EV850-2T
power Honda, Japan Power generation 3.2KW
Generator model Honda GX200 tire Solid anti puncture tire
Generator Type Air cooled 4-stroke OHV engine working voltage Single item 220V-50HZ
Fuel tank capacity 17L Flat head  
Fuel Consumption 1.2-1.4L/h leveling Automatic adjustment of leveling head
Laser control system   Flat head type Gravity self equilibrium
Laser system control mode Microcomputer laser scanning Flat head width 2.6m/3m
Laser system control results Flat, sloping, double sloping Vibration force 2000N
Laser measurement and control system Danvers, USA Vibration frequency 4200 times/minute
walking system   Size and weight  
Walking mode Electric control servo system automatic walking weight 255Kg
driving system Two wheel automatic drive system Long× Wide× high(mm) 3210×2600×1160mm