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S990 laser leveling machine

Leveling thickness: 3-4 cm
Work efficiency: 400 ㎡ -600 ㎡/hour

1. The original imported 31 horsepower engine of the American Blizzard is powerful and can be started with just one click in winter.
2. The 3-meter-wide integrated leveling head integrates multiple processes to improve work efficiency and save labor.
3. The laser transmitter is arranged independently to ensure consistent ground elevation and avoid errors.
4. Jiaolong is 45 centimeters above the ground, meeting the construction requirements for all thicknesses of flooring.
5. The twisted cage between the vibrating plate and the scraper flips the excess concrete onto one side, reducing manpower and improving speed.
6. The construction area is over 600 square meters per hour, and the workload can be completed over 4000 square meters per day, greatly improving the work efficiency.
7. The intelligent panel operation mode is flexible and can be operated by a single person.
8. Independent four wheel movement, convenient and flexible. By hydraulically driving the wheel travel system, the wheels can move independently without affecting the leveling head. The forward, backward, steering, and travel speeds of the wheels are controlled electronically, making movement very convenient.
9. The integrated aviation magnesium alloy leveling head is composed of components such as scraper, vibrator, vibrating plate, and twisting dragon, which integrates multiple processes such as mixing, leveling, vibration, and vibration, and is completed by the machine in one go. Improve work efficiency and save labor.
10. The high-frequency vibrator has a stable quality of 6000 times per minute, and the leveling head vibrates the plate evenly with high-frequency vibration, making the concrete ground dense and avoiding ground cracking caused by stress concentration caused by deformation. It can solve the problems of ground hollowing, peeling, cracking, and inequality.
11. The leveling head and the fuselage do not affect each other, and the construction can be maintained on a flat surface under the dual transformation of fluctuating foundation and inclined ground.
12. The laser measurement and control system automatically controls the elevation of the top surface design of the floor. The elevation is automatically controlled by a laser machine and computer, which can ensure very high ground flatness. Accurate leveling can be achieved directly on the concrete layer, and the ground flatness is not affected by the vibration of the construction template. There is no need to support the template in the middle, reducing manual material investment, reducing construction procedures, and accelerating construction progress.
Main technical parameters
engine   Flatten width 3m
Engine model Briggs&Stratton 31 horsepower Leveling thickness 3-40cm
Engine power 31HP/3600 RPM Paving method Mixing cage paving
firing Electric start Vibration frequency 6000 times/minute
Fuel tank capacity 92 # gasoline 17L Vibration force 3000N
Fuel consumption rate 1.2L-3L/h working efficiency 400㎡-600㎡/h
Oil volume 1.4L Laser control system  
Replacement time ≤100/h Vibration mode hydraulic vibration
walking system   control system Laser emitter
Walking mode Hydraulic four-wheel drive control effect Flat, sloping or double sloping
drive control Hydraulic drive tire  
Walking speed 3.3KM/h Track width 1100mm
Forward and backward Infinitely variable speed Ground clearance 450mm
steer control electronic control Tire type 100/90-21 solid anti puncture tires
Hydraulic oil quantity 30L net weight 960Kg
    size 3400×3000×1300mm