Key points for maintenance of road cutting machines: extending machine life and ensuring work efficiency

time:2023-11-16 source:Shandong Aolide Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd

The road cutting machine is an indispensable equipment in road construction, but it requires regular maintenance to ensure its normal operation and extend its service life. This article will introduce some key maintenance points for road cutting machines.

Regular cleaning and maintenance:

1. Cleaning the cutting tool: The cutting tool is prone to accumulation of asphalt, concrete, and other materials, which can affect the cutting effect. Regularly clean the cutting tools to ensure they remain sharp.

2. Clean the engine and cooling system: The engine and cooling system need to be kept clean. Ensure that the radiator is not blocked to avoid overheating issues.

3. Hydraulic system maintenance: The hydraulic system should be regularly inspected and replaced with oil to ensure its normal operation. Check for leaks in pipelines and connectors.

Tool maintenance:

1. Tool replacement: The tool is the core component of the road cutting machine. Regularly check the wear of the cutting tools and replace severely worn ones in a timely manner.

2. Tool angle adjustment: Ensure that the angle and depth of the cutting tool are suitable for your work needs. Adjust according to different road materials and thicknesses.

Lubrication and Hydraulic:

1. Lubrication: Regularly lubricate various key parts of the machine, including chains, bearings, and sliding components. Use appropriate lubricants to ensure smooth operation of the components.

2. Hydraulic oil: Regularly replace the hydraulic oil and inspect the filter element. A clean hydraulic system helps reduce the risk of malfunctions.

Safety inspection:

1. Brake and steering system: Ensure that the brake and steering system are working properly. This is crucial for the safety of operators and surrounding personnel.

2. Protective devices: Check the protective devices of the machine, such as shields and safety doors, to ensure they are intact and undamaged.

Regular inspection and maintenance:

1. Repair Record: Establish a repair record that records the details of each maintenance and repair, in order to track the working status of the machine.

2. Inspection: Regularly ask technicians for inspection and maintenance. They can detect potential problems and make timely repairs.

The maintenance of road cutting machines is the key to ensuring their normal operation, extending their service life, and improving work efficiency. By following the above points, you can keep the machine in working condition, improve construction quality and safety.